Content strategy

Our content strategy services help you figure out

  • what you want your content to accomplish – for you and for your readers
  • how to write and maintain your content
  • how you’ll know your content is working

We can help you

  • conduct a top-to-bottom content audit, so you know what you have, what you should get rid of, and what you’ll need to write
  • develop goals, a content formula, and an editorial calendar for your blog, newsletter, or site
  • transition from print to web: convert a report into a mini-site or a workbook into an online course
  • set goals for and integrate your social media messages
  • communicate your content strategy to everyone in your organization

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    Announcing my new course, "How to Write Customer Service Email"

    Yep, you read that right! My first course, "How to Write Customer Service Email" is ready to view, and I am thrilled to share it with you. The course is made up of 29 short videos (about 3 minutes each) and loads of handouts and exercises, so you can apply what you have learned about writing great email...

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